Final Project Proposal

Focus Statement/Issue: My story will be about the refugee community in Tucson, identifying and illustrating discrimination.

Subjects: There are groups in Tucson that specialize on the subjects on refugees. One such group is the Iskashitaa Refuge Network, a group located in Tucson that creates opportunities for refugees to get involved and integrated into the community. More specifically, I could speak to Barbara Eiswerth,the executive director of the organization. Phone Number: (520) 440-0100.

Another group I could contact would be Tucson Refugee Ministry, another group that works with refugees in Tucson. The executive director of this group is Cherie Gray. Phone Number (520) 360-9195

Apart from contacting the people in charge of the organizations, I will also help to talk to the refugees that are affected by the groups work. I would like to find out how their time in the United State is, and how they got here. Have they been discriminated against? How so?

For a different perspective, I could also talk to Leila Hudson, who works at the School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies. Email:

I would probably use B-roll of the group(s)when they visit refugees. I would also like to use footage of the refugees themselves, where they live and what they do. I will also use interviews with various employees of the groups, as well as the refugees themselves.


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