Final Project: Engineering and Refugees in Tucson

For my final project, I visited the Refugee Resource Center in Tucson, Arizona. I found Bill O’Brien, a volunteer who teaches refugees engineering. I was also able to speak with two refugees themselves. Amani Lukeba, who is from DR Congo, and Shah Moradian, who is from Afghanistan. I was able to speak with Lukeba and Moradian on their thoughts about the U.S., and some misunderstandings Americans may have of refugees.

For a secondary element, I have included two interactive graphs that are below my video. One graph highlights the number of refugees admitted to the United States from The Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo). The second graph highlights the number of refugees admitted to the United States from Afghanistan. In order to get the full experience, click on a graph, then hover of the blue bars to find the number.

Note: These numbers show the refugees that we’re admitted, not all the ones that applied for refugee status.


Refugee Processing Center, also used by the U.S. Department of State

Sources for video:

Shah Moradian (520) 848 – 9753

Amani Lukeba – (240) 389 – 7001

Bill O’Brien – (520) 561 – 6467


A6: Live Event

For my live event (A6) I decided to attend Refugee 101 info night. It was held on Aprl 27, 2017. The location was Pima Community College 29th Street Coalition Center. The event was held to educate the public on what a refugee is, and how does one help them?


For my second assignment, I filmed the process of making Chicken Tetrazzini. The first sequence is de-boning chicken, the second is adding the strips of chicken to noodles. Finally, I show a sequence of pouring sauce on the meal.